Prices and Availability - Terms and Conditions
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Bookings can be made by email or phone Confirmation of Booking We   ask   for   50%   deposit   on   booking   with   the   balance   due   4   weeks   prior   to   visit.   For bookings   made   within   the   4   week   period,   full   payment   is   required.   Cheques   should   be made payable to R. Hughes. Cancellation If   notice   of   cancellation   is   received   more   than   8   weeks   before   the   rental   period,   we will refund the deposit if we are successful in re-letting. Arrival/Departure On   the   day   of   arrival,   guests   are   welcome   to   arrive   after   3.30   p.m.   You   are   welcome to   arrive   earlier   if   you   wish   to   park   and   drop   your   bags,   but   the   cottage   will   not   be ready   and   cleaned   to   within   an   inch   of   its   life   until   3.30   pm!      We   would   request   that the cottage be vacated by 10.30 a.m. on the day of your departure.  Care Of Property We   ask   that   guests   undertake   to   take   good   care   of   the   property   and   to   leave   it   in similar order as found on arrival. Liabilities We   are   unable   to   accept   liability   for   loss   or   damage   to   guests’   property   or   for   personal injury. Cars parked on the premises are at the owners’ risk. Pets Well-behaved dogs welcome